Thank you for attending the 2017 LISO Conference!
Please check back in 2018 for more information about the 2019 LISO Conference.
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23rd Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Social Organization (LISO)
Theme: “Encounter and Interface”
Friday and Saturday, May 19-20, 2017
University of California, Santa Barbara

Featured Plenary Speakers:
Patricia Baquedano-López, Education, UC Berkeley
Erica Cartmill, Anthropology, UCLA
Tanya Stivers, SociologyUCLA

Presented by:
Language, Interaction and Social Organization
Graduate Student Association
at the University of California, Santa Barbara
The Center for Language, Interaction, and Culture
at the University of California, Los Angeles

The LISO Conference promotes interdisciplinary research and discussion in the analysis of naturally occurring human interaction. Papers will be presented by national and international scholars on a variety of topics in the study of language, interaction, and culture. The papers primarily employ analysis of naturally occurring data drawing from methodologies that include conversation analysis, discourse analysis, ethnographic methods, ethnomethodology, interactional linguistics, and interactional sociolinguistics.

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