To pre-register for the conference, please fill out the Google Form here. Details on payment are provided on the form.  Payment can be made in advance or on site. Receipts are available on site at the conference. 

We strongly encourage pre-registration so that we can have an idea of attendance numbers for the conference dinner. The deadline for pre-registration is May 1st. 

Pre-registration is $20 for graduate students, postdocs, and temporary faculty, and $40 for ladder faculty. Fee for undergraduate students and community members will be waived. (Registration on the day of the conference will be $25 for graduate students, postdocs, and temporary faculty; $50 for ladder faculty.) Registration fees for paying attendees include the conference dinner on Friday night. Instructions on payment methods and our mailing address are listed on the registration form itself. (If you are in need of assistance in paying the registration fee, please contact the organizers at